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Fred Schneider

Fred’s primary photographic interests deal with nature, taking pictures of natural subjects and phenomena, and presenting them as realistically as possible while also striving to make them interesting and enjoyable for the viewer. A number of his photographs have won awards in various competitions. Two major areas of interest are high-resolution macro photography using focus stacking and creating mosaics from a series of focus-stacked images of a given subject, and astrophotography. He is a retired general surgeon now living on the central Oregon coast after living for several decades in Montana. Although not photographing for commercial purposes, he would be happy to communicate with anyone interested in his work.


Andrew "Drew" Schneider

Andrew is an amateur photographer who tends to lean towards photographic realism.  He will occasionally use a photograph as a background for a simulated image in the educational setting.  Andrew's primary area of intrest is nature, astronomy, and 360 spherical images.  He has begun to use HDR in his images more often.  From time to time, Andrew will create nature and theme park videos.

Andrew is a Simulation Educator at Central New Mexico Community College ( in Albuquerque, NM and works with robotic manikins to train new and current healthcare providers.  He is involved in faculty development, online/eLearning, and the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes.


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