Schneider Photography & Design


See list below images for identification of each subject by number. Click on image to enlarge.

Abstract Identification

     1. Sandy creek floor through rippling water

     3. Weathered wood snag

     5. Water flow sand pattern

     7. Lichen on basalt rock

     9. Sea foam

    11. Ponderosa pine bark

    13. Junco feather 21X

    15. Maple tree bark

    17. Light painting

     2. Vellela underside structure

     4. Low-angle sunlight on ocean surface (inverted)

     6. Sandy creek floor through rippling water

     8. Rain drops on wood

    10. Lichen

    12. Begonia flower center 12X

    14. Wind-sculpted sandstone

    16. Beach sand pattern

    18. Grass tree bark

Rock Art

Petroglyphs (engraving in rock) and Pictographs (drawing or painting on rock)

at two sites in Utah.

Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument

Petroglyphs at least 2000 years old left by various cultures at different times.

Newspaper Rock-5
Newspaper Rock-4
Newspaper Rock-3
Newspaper Rock-2
Newspaper Rock-1

Sego Canyon

Pictographs (red figures) and petroglyphs left by various cultures between 400 and 4000 years ago. In one image, conversion of  color to black and white with adjustment of the red channel was used to bring out the faded pigment.

Sego Canyon-1
Sego Canyon-2
Sego Canyon-3
Sego Canyon-4
Sego Canyon-6
Sego Canyon-5
Sego Canyon-7

All photos copyright Fred V Schneider